The EES studies for the Project have progressed to quite an extent. The independent technical reports are nearing completion. The Marine and Terrestrial studies are still underway as data is being collected for a full study period of 12 months.

APA is performing geo-technical drilling next to the Stony Point rail line through Hastings to assist with Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) designs proposed for the area.

Early pipeline alignment plans had the pipeline running through the service lane of Frankston-Flinders Road. After consultation with the community, APA revised the alignment to utilise the rail corridor and use HDD construction to avoid impacts to businesses on Frankston-Flinders Road.

These kinds of geo-technical assessments are required to ensure the soil and environmental conditions are assessed appropriately.

TRG meeting 11 took place last week in Hastings, with two TRG meetings left to go before the EES is exhibited in 2020.

When the EES goes on display, it will be your opportunity to comment on the technical reports and chapters, make a submission and be heard by the independent panel assessing the EES.

Updates to the EES Consultation Plan

In July this year we announced a delay to the proposed Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline Project and updated timeline for the Environment Effects Statement (EES).

As required as part of the EES process, we have updated the EES Consultation Plan to reflect these timeline changes.
The Consultation Plan is available to view on the DELWP website. A list of the changes is on Page II of the plan.